Loyalty Card Acquisition

Our objective was simple; deliver a targeted campaign to drive an uplift in Health and Beauty card redemptions amongst young people. The brief required us to answer the how’s and why’s; we had to unpack the key benefits of the Health and Beautycard in a style and tone that would resonate with the 18-25 demographic.

Our Strategy

1) Different Audiences

Starting from the bottom, we segmented Superdrug’s audience into two different subsets – men and women. We knew that if we were going to strike a chord with each segment, we would have to create a tailored message according to their attitudes.


2) Influencer Categories

We wanted to engage with a variety of young people all across the country, not just a narrow segment – so we worked with two types of influencer to create wide appeal: ‘The Experts’, who are beauty bloggers and specialists in beauty and wellbeing,  and ‘The Enthusiasts’, students who have an interest in health and beauty. In total, we teamed up with 50 micro-influencers – 25 from each group. Alongside this we partnered with 4 macro influencers to reach the masses.


3) Re-Target and convert 

Once served with an advert, each segment was retargeted with bold messaging around the Health and Beautycard student discount to push them further down the funnel. To increase conversions and ensure the user journey was as clean as possible, we delivered a QR code campaign where students.

The Results


Engagement rate on influencer stories


Live Broadcast Viewers


Health & Beauty Card Redemptions


YoY increase in Superdrug social engagement