New customer acquisition for the under 30 demographic

Octopus Energy have disrupted the energy market in recent years, with their renewable energy and affordable proposition. Having successfully made a dent in the 35+ market, they were looking for a partner to help them drive cut-through with a younger audience who offer a huge lifetime value.

Our Strategy


Nobody wants to be preached to by a brand, so we used social first video as our primary weapon. We focused on distilling lengthy information into snappy and digestible copy, and combining it with eye catching visuals. Alongside the hero video we harnessed stories to package information around Octopus’ offering in a digestible and repeatable way.



Utilising customer data we built an audience of 3 million people who fit our consumer profile, amongst whom awareness and consideration needed to be built. We then created a media plan that used a retargeting funnel to bring control to the consumer journey – delivering the wrong piece of content at the wrong time could alienate our target audience.

The Results


Social Engagements


Incremental revenue driven per month