Retaining Just Eat’s position as the preferred food delivery service for students

Just Eat had enjoyed a market leading position in student cities since their merger with HungryHouse in 2017, but among a changing landscape with big threats from competitors, they needed to stay memorable. We knew the best way to do this was to build an emotional connection with their target audience by aligning Just Eat with the things that students genuinely cared about – travelling, freebies and food!

Our Strategy

We designed a fully interactive social campaign that began with a series of live Facebook game shows, testing students’ knowledge on world cuisine for a chance to win Just Eat promo codes. 


We then span the social PR wheel with a first in ‘aromatic phone technology’, creating a story series encouraging students to smell their favorite takeaways through their phones.


To drive performance throughout the exam season we created an exclusive ‘study fuel’ offering, helping students to get through their exams with a ‘free £5’ to spend.

The Results


Students Signed up to Just Eat


Voucher Code Redemption Rate


Student Engagements