We’ve teamed up with blood cancer charity ‘FLF’

We’ve teamed up with Facebook VP Nicola Mendelsohn to help launch her new blood cancer charity ‘FLF’

Noise Media alongside LadBible Group, Jungle Creations and a handful of other media partners will help launch the charity to their audiences and communities this week to raise awareness of FLF and it’s cause.

Noise will drive content distribution for the charity across 2 key social communities ‘EverythingStudent’ and ‘EverythingHealthy’ who have over 3 million 16-25 year old subscribers, promoting the Hashtag #CureFL.

Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook’s Vice President for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, today launches the Follicular Lymphoma Foundation (FLF) to combat the currently incurable blood cancer following her diagnosis in 2016.

The charity has also released a social filter today for Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat users to help drive social awareness of the cause. In its first three years, the charity aims to raise $20 million (c. £15.5m).

Follicular lymphoma is the most common low-grade non-Hodgkin lymphoma with approximately two thousand people being diagnosed with the disease each year in the UK. About 20% of those diagnosed have a particularly acute form of follicular lymphoma with a poor prognosis. For 80%, the disease can mean decades living with a chronic form, facing the anxieties of never knowing when the disease will come back and often a daily battle with challenging symptoms, or the long term side effects from treatments.

Commenting on the launch, Nicola Mendelsohn said“Despite hundreds of thousands of people living with follicular lymphoma it has a very low profile and there has been comparatively very little investment into the disease. I’m a co-admin of the Living with Follicular Lymphoma Facebook Group and, in this community, we have people in their 20s and late teens being diagnosed. For them, being told they might have 20 years to live their lives around ongoing and exhausting treatment is inexcusable.”

You can donate and find more about the charity from the below and any support would be greatly appreciated #CureFL

Facebook & Instagram @FollicularLymphomaFoundation