Swisse Me sees explosive D2C growth with Noise

Swisse Me partners with Noise to see explosive D2C growth through social

Swisse Me burst onto the scene in the UK market in late 2019, introducing healthy consumable snacks, direct to consumers. Swisse Me is the wild younger sibling to Australia’s largest vitamin and supplement brand Swisse, born to provide premium nutrition for health conscious 18-35 year olds. Noise has been engaged to acquire new customers and raise the brand profile in the crowded lifestyle and nutrition market.

Noise runs a full ecommerce marketing strategy, targeted to its 1.6 million healthy food lovers across social community ‘EverythingHealthy’. The community drives more monthly videos views than any other UK content publisher and in March drove 3x more engagement than BBC Good Food, Men’s Health and Proper Tasty combined.

“We’re off to a great start. The team behind Swisse Me have a rich heritage in health and nutrition and actually understand consumer behaviour on social. We’ve seen a 5x reduction in initial customer acquisition costs by adapting content, messaging and audiences. D2C is having an explosion and Swisse Me is very well placed to help consumers boost their immune system and stay healthy during these trying and difficult times” Anthony Goldman, Noise Media Co-founder and Commercial Director.

E-commerce expert Olly Johnson, joined Swisse Me at the beginning of their journey 6 months ago, as the Ecommerce Lead, to drive rapid growth in UK and European markets.

“We decided to partner with the team at Noise Media given their experience in the social world with a multitude of brands in different verticals. Their approach to driving consumers down the funnel with a mix of campaigns in different formats is succeeding, as CPAs are being driven down and we now move into the exciting phase of scaling the campaign, which is already showing real promise in accelerating the growth needed to achieve punchy revenue goals”.

Given the current global pandemic, Swisse Me created Smoothie Care Packages for customers, to help them continue to pursue a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Bundles have been curated at £1 per smoothie, making them highly competitive with a vegan option too.

Olly adds that “not only have we been ensuring absolute value for consumers, the team has now provided 10,000 smoothies to doctors and nurses in the NHS across the UK. The business strives to fuel the nation by any means within our power.”

The brand produces ranges of vitamin and mineral rich smoothies, the UK’s first jelly sticks and a capsule collagen collection. For more information on the brand check out

The partnership is now in full swing and will continue to hit news feeds across the UK in the coming months.

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