Screen Hits to launch with Noise

Noise are proud to be the chosen Social Agency for Streaming aggregator ScreenHits TV.

“Everything you want to watch in one place!”

A platform that allows you to integrate all your existing streaming platforms so that you don’t have to hop around to find the best content for you.

ScreenHits TV  have streamlined the viewing experience for customers who usually have ‘too much choice’ by creating a one-stop shop. Users can search the libraries of both free and subscription streaming platforms, as well as live online TV without jumping from platform to platform and without having to repeatedly sign up for new services – no more subscription fatigue and monthly payments for channels you never watch! 

“Customer acquisition is key in today’s market. There is so much noise in the marketplace and without cutting through the millions of distractions, new companies will struggle to gain real traction. This is one of the reasons we decided to add Noise Media as one of our agencies focusing on customer acquisition. We look forward to a successful partnership as ScreenHits TV launches in new markets!” Rose Adkins Holse, Founder & CEO, ScreenHits

Noise will be devising a full funnel cross territory social campaign to drive awareness, new users + retention. ScreenHits it set to launch across the UK and US at the end of this month – grab your popcorn and enjoy the show(s)

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