Noise supports Cabinet Office to drive Government Coronavirus Message

Noise supports Cabinet Office to drive government Coronavirus message to under 25’s.
Noise Media Group has used its expertise in a new campaign that shares the core government message to stay at home during the Covid-19 pandemic. Noise will target its highly engaged Everything Student community on Instagram and Facebook, through a series of video content and memes. In the first 2 weeks the campaign has been viewed over 7 million times and had over half a million 18-25’s engaged with it.


Despite unified national efforts made by the government, research has shown that specific groups and audiences, particularly under 25 males, are listening less than others to the government’s advice. The campaign being run by Noise aims to effectively reinforce the updates the government makes around Covid-19 on a daily basis in a relatable way.


Joseph Levi, Noise Media Co-Founder and CEO, said: “We are able to ensure that specific messages are communicated in a relatable way to students across the country, with whom the advice isn’t being taken as seriously as it perhaps could be. You could say that we’re translating the government’s key messages into the language and style that students respond to on social media.’


Anand Amlani in the Cabinet Office, said: “‘We welcome the role that Noise have played, using their experience in communicating with students, to convey important messages to this group at this time”.


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