Co-op partners with Noise to promote sustainability through social media

co-op x noise
Noise are proud to partner with Co-op this autumn on a campaign to raise awareness of sustainability amongst the youth market.

Co-op are constantly improving the sustainability of their products by carefully sourcing their ingredients, reducing waste, and finding new ways to be efficient with the energy they use. They are also committed to supporting Fairtrade and sourcing British produce, guaranteeing the food they sell is both ethical and sustainable. They were looking for a partner who could help them create and distribute content that would embody their position on the environment in a digestible and relatable way for the 18-25 demographic.

Noise will be creating an original content series around Co-op’s sustainable offering and deploying a full social strategy, using targeted campaigns to promote tactical offerings as students return to University.

“We are delighted to be working with Co-op on a campaign that is so relevant for it’s time. Moving the dial towards sustainable and ethical shopping has never been more important and we’re excited to use social content as a means to educate and empower young people” Cydney Haftel, Partnerships Director of Noise Media.

The partnership is now in full swing and will continue to hit social media across the UK in the coming months.

For more information or to get your brand involved please email