INTRO Travel

The Challenge

Australian based Intro Travel were looking for a partner to help drive some serious uplift in the UK and European markets. With strong competition from other tour operators in the space, the mission was for Intro Travel to become to ‘go to’ travel brand for young people looking to travel to South East Asia, Australia and Japan.

Our Strategy

To set the campaign in motion we began with a live activation, the idea was to spark a huge social conversation around Intro Travel to familiarise our audience with the brand. 

From here, we created a series of story first social content designed to drive purchases, focusing on the quality of the trips and an exclusive money saving promotion. We then ran sprint tests across all content to measure which messages, formats and platforms were driving the highest conversions. Once we identified the best performing combinations, we scaled the most effective and began a retargeting process.

The Results


ROAS across all campaigns


Referral clicks